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Ramblings on life, programming, and first-world problems

The Planck - Key Theory

Part 2, How I approached and adapted the layout of the Planck

The Planck

Part 1, My build log of the 40% Planck Keyboard

Debugging 101

A how-to guide on code debugging techniques

Let's Talk Keyboards

Membrane vs Mechanical. Which is the right one for you?

The Art of Greenfield

What to think about when starting a brand new software project

Building a Custom Keyboard Case

My build log of a custom oak keyboard case

Git Privacy

What does your git commit contain? Your data may be being harvested

Top 10 Developer Podcasts

10 great developer podcasts to listen to on the move to stay productive.

The Insecurities of a Full-Stack Developer

Coming to terms with the problems facing full-stack developers

Do you need a new job?

Identifying when you're stagnating in your current position

Using Meteor Offline

Tips and tricks to workaround package management offline

Backend vs Frontend Learning Curves

Noted differences between learning frontend and backend technologies

Silicon Milkroundabout 11 Round-up

My experience at my second Silicon Milkroundabout tech fair

Anybody On?

A Raspberry Pi project to let you know if your media is currently being viewed

Datarize My Life

My life as a JSON object

Raspberry Pi and the Impulse Buy

Discovering some dusty treasure in an old shoe box

If you know me, don't read this

I accidentally shared my post on facebook when I didn't want anybody to know I had a blog

Keeping Fit as a Programmer

How exercising has affected my comfort at work

Your search returned no matches.

My first experience of developing blindly with next to no code examples and confusingly written docs